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Welcome, US and Canadian Reader Store Customers!

Sony announced in early February that Reader Store in the US and Canada would close on March 20, 2014, and transfer customers to Kobo. Accordingly, Reader Store is now closed.

As of late March, you can buy eBooks from the Kobo Store directly from your Reader desktop software application. Beginning in mid-June*, you’ll also be able to shop on directly from specific** Wi-Fi Readers from Sony. And with the free Kobo reading app, you can continue to download, store and read your eBooks on your Sony device, or any Kobo eReader or tablet.

We’re glad to have you in the Kobo reading community!

To browse the Kobo Store, click here. Have questions or need help? Click here to contact Kobo Customer Care.

*Originally scheduled for late May.

**Sony Readers PRS-T1, PRS-T2, and PRS-T3.

Have questions? Find out more…
  1. When will my eBooks from Reader Store transfer over to my Kobo library?

    By now, Sony or Kobo has sent you an email with instructions on how to transfer your library to Kobo. You can now create a new Kobo account (or sign in with an existing one) using the link included in the email. If you haven’t yet received this email, please check your junk mail folder.

    Because this link is associated with your Reader Store account, your eBooks will automatically transfer to your Kobo library. Be sure not to share this link with anyone else!

  2. Are all of my eBooks from Reader Store going to transfer to my Kobo library?

    Most of the Reader Store catalogue is available in the Kobo Store, so there are very few eBooks that won’t transfer to your Kobo library. For those that don’t, you can re-download them directly from your Reader Store account before April 30, 2014 by following the instructions here.

  3. Will my magazines continue showing up in my Kobo account?

    Reader Store magazine subscriptions are not included in the library transfer. You can see Kobo’s selection of magazines here.

  4. Can I continue using Sony's Reader and apps to buy eBooks?

    In mid-June, you’ll have access to the millions of titles in the Kobo Store right on your Wi-Fi Reader (PRS-T1, PRS-T2, and PRS-T3) from Sony and Sony’s Reader for PC/Mac software. Until then, you can purchase new titles at and then sync your Reader to see the eBooks in your library.

    Please note that Reader PRS-900 and PR-950 will not have direct access to the Kobo Store.

  5. I have a Reader Store gift certificate/pre-paid gift card/coupon. Will Kobo honour it?

    The credit balance in your Reader Store account will automatically appear in your Kobo account when you transfer. Reader Store coupons will not apply to purchases in the Kobo Store.

    *Please note: In order for your credit balance to transfer, you must click on your personalized link and transfer your library to Kobo before May 31, 2014.

  6. Will my Wishlist transfer over?

    Unfortunately, Reader Store Wishlists will not appear in your Kobo account.

  7. Will I receive my pre-order from Sony in my Kobo account?

    No pre-orders made in Reader Store will appear in your Kobo library. You’ll be able to put in new pre-orders at from now on.

  8. Can I keep using my Reader from Sony to read eBooks, or will I need to get a Kobo eReader?

    You can continue using your Reader to enjoy your favourite reads, and soon, you’ll have access to 5 million eBooks in the Kobo Store.

  9. Can I continue using the Sony’s Reader app to read, or do I need to download the Kobo app?

    For the best Kobo reading and shopping experience, you can download one of our mobile apps here after you transfer to Kobo. If you like to read on your PC or Mac, you can continue to do so with Sony’s Reader for PC/Mac software or use the Kobo Desktop App for Mac or PC.

  10. My Reader uses 3G to connect to Reader Store - will I still be able to use 3G to connect to Kobo?

    The 3G connection to Reader Store on your PRS-900 or PRS-950 will be discontinued in late April. Sony’s Reader for PC/Mac software now features the Kobo Store. You can use this software to transfer new titles via USB to your Reader from Sony.

  11. Will I still be able to see the notes and highlights I’ve made in my eBooks from Sony?

    No, existing notes and highlights will not appear after the transfer; however, you can always make new notes and highlights in the Kobo reading experience.

  12. What will happen to my collections in Reader Store?

    Collections in Reader Store will not be available in the Kobo reading experience.

  13. Can I use my existing Kobo account if I use Facebook to sign in?

    If you have an existing Kobo account that’s linked to your Facebook profile, you’ll have to create a new Kobo account just for the Reader Store transfer. After you’ve transferred your library, you can then merge your new account and your existing one using the instructions found here.

  14. What do I need to know about currency conversion?

    If your Sony account has any credit associated with it when you transfer to Kobo, we’ll transfer that credit too. If necessary we’ll convert your credit to the right currency for your location, so that you can use it in the Kobo Store.