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Kobo is excited to offer the best possible reading experience to Sony Readers in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Australia.

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In the days following June 16, you’ll be able to buy eBooks at the Kobo Store from your Reader desktop software application and directly from Sony Wi-Fi Readers. We’re looking forward to having you in the Kobo reading community!

What does this mean for me?

In the days following the Reader Store closure on June 16, you’ll receive an email with information on how to transfer your eBooks from Reader Store to a Kobo account. Whether you’re new to Kobo, or already have an account, you’ll have one centralised library for your eBooks.

You’ll soon have access to the Kobo Store’s more than 4 million titles – right on your Wi-Fi Reader!

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  1. How do I transfer my eBooks from Reader Store over to Kobo?

    Since some eBooks may not be available from Kobo, we recommend that you download your entire Reader Store eBook library directly to your Sony Reader, to your desktop app, or to any device with enough storage space for all of your eBooks, prior to the closure of Reader Store on June 16. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

    In the days following June 16, Kobo will send you an email that contains a personalized link for you to click to start the transfer process. Once you set up a Kobo account, or log into your existing account, your eligible eBooks will automatically transfer to your Kobo library. Because this link is associated with your Reader Store account, be sure not to share this link with anyone else!

  2. Will all of my eBooks from Reader Store transfer to my Kobo library?

    Most of the Reader Store catalogue is available in the Kobo Store, but there are some eBooks that may not transfer to your Kobo library in June. However, Kobo continues to add content to their library, and any missing titles may be added later.

    Prior to the Reader Store closure, we recommend that you back up all of your Reader Store eBooks directly from your Reader Store account by following these instructions. After Reader Store closes on June 16, you will not be able to re-download eBooks from Reader Store.

  3. I already have a Kobo account – can I combine my libraries before the end of June?

    No, you’ll have to wait until you receive an email with a personalized link.

  4. Can I continue using Sony's Reader and apps to buy eBooks?

    In the days following the Reader Store closure on June 16, an update to the Wi-Fi Readers and Reader for PC/Mac software will be available. Once you apply the update, you’ll have access to the millions of titles in the Kobo Store right on your Wi-Fi Reader (PRS-T1, PRS-T2, and PRS-T3) from Sony and Sony’s Reader for PC/Mac software.

  5. How do I sync my Kobo eBooks to my Sony Reader?

    With the Sony Reader software for PC/Mac computers, you can find and download your purchased Kobo eBooks to your Library. You can then read on your desktop computer directly in the Sony Reader application, or connect your Sony device to sync your books and read on the go.

    If you have a Wi-Fi Reader (PRS-T1, PRS-T2, or PRS-T3), you can sync your Kobo eBooks directly on your device once you apply the software update in the days following June 16.

    For step-by-step instructions on finding and syncing your Kobo eBooks, click here.

  6. I have a Reader Store pre-paid card/voucher code. Will Kobo honour it?

    Credit balances will not transfer to Kobo when your eBooks do. We encourage you to continue buying eBooks from Reader Store before June 16 to use up any remaining credits or vouchers.

  7. Will my wishlist transfer over?

    Reader Store wishlists will not appear in your Kobo account.

  8. Can I keep using my Reader from Sony to read eBooks, or will I need to get a Kobo eReader?

    You can continue using your Sony Reader to enjoy your favourite reads, and soon, you’ll have access to more than 4 million eBooks in the Kobo Store right on your Wi-Fi Reader.

  9. Can I continue using the Sony’s Reader apps to read, or do I need to download the Kobo app?

    For the best Kobo reading and shopping experience, you can download one of our mobile apps.

    If you like to read on your PC or Mac, you can continue to do so with Sony’s Reader for PC/Mac software or use the Kobo Desktop App for Mac or PC. In the days following June 16, Sony will release an update to the Reader for PC/Mac software that will allow you to directly connect to the Kobo store for future purchases.

  10. Will I still be able to see the notes and highlights I’ve made in my eBooks from Sony?

    No, existing notes and highlights will not appear after the transfer; however, you can always make new notes and highlights in the Kobo reading experience.

  11. What will happen to my collections in Reader Store?

    Collections in Reader Store will not be available in the Kobo reading experience.

  12. Can I use my existing Kobo account if I use Facebook to sign in?

    If you have an existing Kobo account that’s linked to your Facebook profile, you’ll have to create a new Kobo account just for the Reader Store transfer. After you’ve transferred your library, you can then merge your new account and your existing using these instructions.

  13. Which payment methods does Kobo accept?

    Kobo accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal.